• In Dec. 2011, “Loving domino, one box one world” new products exhibition was held, more than 100 Medias reported this event. That was a mark for the 2012 limited edition being on the market.

  • In Sep.2011, MD started the cooperation with Mr. Xiaokai, who is a famous international Make-up stylist.

  • In Jul. 2011, the founder Cui Xiaohong was awarded “2011 China makeup forum annual winner”.

  • In Mar, 2011, MD won the prize of “best makeup brand” and ”best seller”。 The founder Cui Xiaohong was awarded for “China makeup annual winner”。

  • In Feb. 2011, MD won the name of “first choice of China brands” in the up-beauty magazine.

  • In Dec.2010, “crazy box”—18 types of limited edition eye shadow boxes were on the market.

  • In Aug.2010, the domestic first Dancing-360 ° Electric Mascara series was born.

  • In Jul.2010, in the 3rd China makeup forum, won the prize of “best designed shoppe”, ”best package ” and ”best marketing”.

  • In May 2010, MD first trans-boundary “art-fashion” exhibition was held in Shanghai。

  • In Mar. 2010, MD won the title of “China best annual seller”.

  • In May 2008, MD China marketing center—Shanghai Flyon makeup Co., Ltd was founded.

  • In Dec。 2006, the world's first grafting Mascara was born, together with a record of 1 sale in 15 seconds。

  • In 2006, Cui XIaohong officially founded Marie Dalgar.


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